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19 Aug 2014 – EX5
Callout to report of toilet flushing problem.
18 Aug 2014 – EX1
Advised guests on how to operate the washing machine.
18 Aug 2014 – EX1
Replaced front door key due to breakage.
15 Aug 2014 – TQ1
Responded to report of various maintenance issues.
15 Aug 2014 – EX8
Assisted guests with information on how to turn on the bathroom towel rail.
15 Aug 2014 – DT6
Responded to report from Property Manager of bathroom light not working.
14 Aug 2014 – TQ9
Supplied information on pricing for boiler servicing as requested.
13 Aug 2014 – TQ4
Callout to report of non working shower.
12 Aug 2014 – EX7
Assisted guests with ironing board replacement.
12 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Callout to report of leaking dishwasher.
11 Aug 2014 – TQ1
Investigate possible leak through ceiling.
11 Aug 2014 – TQ1
Report of leak from integrated washing machine.
11 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Replaced part on boiler.
10 Aug 2014 – EX8
Replaced electric shower unit and re-tiled wall.
10 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Completed painting of external walls on 5 bedroom property.
09 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Carried out routine gardening maintenance.
08 Aug 2014 – TQ10
Called by guests to fix broken toilet flush mechanism.
06 Aug 2014 – TQ1
Assisted guests in locating electric fuse box as lights not working.
04 Aug 2014 – TQ7
Fixed faulty heated towel rail.
04 Aug 2014 – EX20
Assisted with removal of excess refuse left by departing guests.
03 Aug 2014 – TQ9
Callout to report of no hot water.
03 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Callout to fix to non-working washing machine.
03 Aug 2014 – DT5
Assisted guests with wifi connection problems.
02 Aug 2014 – TQ14
Repaired broken toilet flush mechanism.
02 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Assisted guests in locating external keysafe.
02 Aug 2014 – TQ7
Repaired broken dining room chair.
02 Aug 2014 – TQ7
Called by guests to fix broken cooker light.
05 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Responded to report from guests of intermittent hot water only.
05 Aug 2014 – TQ4
Called to assist guests as external parking space flooded and inaccessible.
05 Aug 2014 – TQ5
Steam cleaning of downstairs carpets.

Holiday Lettings

We can help you with all aspects of managing your holiday rental, including changeover cleaning, maintaining your property, and looking after your guests.

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Second Homes

For the owners of second homes and their guests, we offer a comprehensive reactive maintenance service, including out of hours callouts and covering most aspects of property maintenance.

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Regional Coverage

Holiday Home Management Ltd provide property management and property maintenance services to holiday home owners and second home owners throughout South West England.

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Holiday Home Management Limited has been in business since 2001. We are now offering New Franchise Opportunities in this exciting and growing market sector. Operate your own Holiday Home Management Franchise.
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